Chiltern Ice Cream Co.



We’re a family run business and we do things just a little bit differently. From the way we label our products to our dedication to Authenticity, Uniqueness, Purity, Honesty, Integrity & Locality… Like so many, following the convoluted and definitely winding artisan path, its about doing what you want to do, not have to do! It creates an obession like few others, this common thread, I hear it over and over in the genesis stories of fellow artisans, the passion in their narrative.  They are now my brothers & sisters whether I know them personally or not.  When you find one, try what they’re doing, whether its brewer, baker, butcher, distiller, you will not be disappointed, its definitely an experience worth seeking out.


Born in Americas deep south, hailing from a little place called New Orleans I grew up with in a culture where you definitely “live to eat”.  It’s all about creating great food without compromises.  Its a reputation still intact to this day, great ice cream is as much apart of that story as any food.  Having lived in the Chilterns for nearly 30 years it was time to share that passion for exceptional ice cream and in 2015 our artisan story began.


The begining of any journey offers many paths, it definitely feels like we chose the hardest.  The hard road has its rewards enabling the Chiltern Ice Cream Co to develop the broadest and deepest set of skills in the field of ice cream, gelato & sorbet.  Starting with a trip back to University to gain the technical knowledge and latest theories necessary to make ice cream & sorbet from first principles.  It takes two sides of A4 of mathematical computations to make a base flavour!  From there we chose to work directly with Chefs.  We don’t mean just selling ice cream to great restaurants, we mean actually working directly with Chefs offering bespoke flavours.  They’re definitely not the easiest group to impress!  Our willingness to listen, really understand the issues, put in the hard graft won enough respect for Chefs to offer constructive real time feedback, enabling the team to continually refine and hone skills to a razors edge.  The continual feedback loop enabled us to craft exceptional products with metronymic consistency.


Local isn’t just a buzzword for us, its how you build exciting, vibrant communties. Places you’re proud to live and encourage your friends to experience. We’re genuine in our desire to not only make everything locally but to also source key ingredients locally. Its the cornerstone of building the depth of skills necessary to create those exciting & vibrant communties.  We only use the finest ingredients, that includes the whole milk & double cream that makes our gelato so special.  Its all Guernsey, the very best in the milk world and it comes from just up the road, the product of a single farm, the Lacey’s Dairy.  Making & refining ingredients is an obession of ours, its what makes our flavours unique and ensures only real ingredients go into our products.