Chiltern Ice Cream Co.


We’re pretty excited about our retail range of product offerings all of which are made from flavours we craft ourselves in-house from the finest ingredients. 

Compromise isn’t something we do.  If something doesn’t need to be added we don’t.  This is key to our Purity, Honesty & Integrity philosophy and has led directly to the creation of our Iceolo® range.

Iceolo® is our non-dairy range.  We started it knowing that some flavours benefit from being non-dairy given dairy’s powerful flavour suppressant characteristics.  Fruit’s colour and exciting flavours are easily dulled by dairy so we don’t add it.  In the beginning there was no intention to create a dairy-free, vegan range, it just happened that the crafting exceptional flavours for some products was best achieved without dairy.  Give it a try, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!