125ml Sea Salted Caramel Gelato


Characterised by deep, dark, complex caramel flavours, delicate butter notes and genuine trapani made sea salt (supporting a World Wildlife Sanctuary) it sets the bar so high no one comes even close.

Its what caramel should always be.  We achieve it by a roasting process that takes 4 days to complete, maturing the flavours slowly building intensity gradually.

125ml Single Serving Tub with wooden spoon in the lid.

Gluten Free

Allergens: Milk

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Made from our own in-house crafted caramel and genuine trapani produced sea salt supporting a World Wildlife Sancturary.  We slow roast the caramel over 4 days creating deep, dark, complex caramel flavours and releasing delicate butter notes. Wooden Spoon in Lid, Gluten Free, Allergens: Milk


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