4l Dark Chocolate Gelato

It’s regularly described as fudgy and hands down the best chocolate gelato ever.

Why?  We blend our own chocolate!

We sought out the finest belgian cocoa and went from there.  Our favourite is black cocoa for its deep & intense colour, smoothness and lack of bitterness.  Its what you want your chocolate gelato to taste like but are so often disappointed by insipid flavours.

We’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve been told “I don’t like chocolate ice cream, but yours I could eat all day!”

4 litre rectangular, recyclable catering size tub.

Gluten Free

Allergens: Milk

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Made with exceptionally fine Belgian Black Chocolate and first pressed cocoa butter for a deep, rich, fudgey flavour.  4l Tub, Gluten Free, Allergens: Milk