4l Madagascan Vanilla Gelato

The real deal. Authentic Madagascan Vanilla made with locally sourced award winning Guernsey milk & double cream.  We buy our vanilla from a small family run importer.  When prices skyrocketed a few years back many dropped the real vanilla and went for cheap vanilla flavour, not us!  The madagascan market it rife with corruption & theft, personally its saddens us.  By using an independent importer who deals direct with small growers we avoid supporting the gangs trying to control the market.  We can only hope for a better future there, everyone deserves to live in peace & safety.

4 litre rectangular, recyclable catering size tub.

Gluten Free

Allergens: Milk

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Made from pure Madagascan Vanilla with plenty of real vanilla seeds and locally sourced (Laceys Family Farm) award winning Guernsey Milk & Cream.  This luxuriously rich vanilla creation sets the standard for this ever popular flavour.  4 litres,  Hospitality Size, Gluten Free, Allergens: Milk